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Hajimari के महत्वपूर्ण विवरण
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उम्र 33
ऊंचाई < 5' [150सेमी]
वजन > 300 lbs [135 किग्रा]
बाल काले बालों वाली
आखें हरी
नृजातियता गोरी/कोकेशियान
भाषाएँ रुसी, अंग्रेजी
जघन बाल बालों भरी
शिश्न छोटा
मुझे क्या कामोत्तेजित करता है
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самый лучший <3
Баклажаны нарезать тонкими пластинами -0,5 см,посолить и пожарить с двух сторон на растительном масле.
Выложить на бумажную салфетку,чтобы дать стечь.
В блендере измельчить орехи.
Залить орехи кипятком,смешать все в однородную массу,заправить солью,сунели и киндзой.
Раздавить чеснок ,нарезать мелко свежую киндзу и добавить к ореховой массе вместе с уксусом.
На каждый баклажан положить по 1-2 чл пасты и завернуть.
Гранат очистить и посыпать поверх баклажанов с орехами.
u are so so so sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy ,,,
Aspic is a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin made from a meat stock or consommé. Non-savory dishes, often made with commercial gelatin mixes without stock or consommé, are usually called gelatin salads.
When cooled, stock that is made from meat congeals because of the natural gelatin found in the meat.. Aspics are usually served on cold plates so that the gel will not melt before being eaten. A meat jelly that includes cream is called a chaud-froid.
Salo is a traditional Hungarian, Belarusian, Polish, Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian food originated from Ukraine: cured slabs of fatback, with or without skin. As a trend, the Eastern European one is salted or brine fermented, hence the names slonina/slana/szalonna (solonýna in Ukrainian mean any kind of salt-cured meat, such as corned beef). The Eastern European one is usually treated with paprika or other condiments, while the South European one is often smoked.
Varenyky are square- or crescent-shaped dumplings of unleavened dough, stuffed with sauerkraut, cheese, mashed potato, cabbage, meat, hard-boiled egg or a combination of these, or with a fruit filling. Varenyky are very popular in Ukraine.
During preparation, the filling is wrapped with dough, boiled for several minutes, and then covered with butter or cooking oil. The name varenyk, in fact, simply means "boiled thing", from the adjective varenyy.
Borscht (also borsch, bortsch, borstch, borshch; Ukrainian: борщ) is a soup of Ukrainian origin that is popular in many Eastern and Central European countries. In most of these countries, it is made with beetroot as the main ingredient, giving it a deep reddish-purple color. In some countries, tomato is used as the main ingredient, while beetroot acts as a secondary ingredient. Other, non-beet varieties also exist, such as the tomato paste-based orange borscht and green borscht (sorrel soup).
Definition: Samagon is moonshine or bootleg alcohol in Russian language. The word "samogon" means "self-distilled," and can often refer to vodka that has been made by either typical ingredients, like grain or potatoes, or dangerous ingredients, like shoe polish. While not all samogon is inherently dangerous, like any moonshine alcohol, it does have the potential to kill. Learn how to avoid bootleg vodka in Russia if you plan to drink while you're traveling.
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